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As the leading accessory brand in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Fiorelli is set to make a stylish mark on the fashion handbag offering in South Africa. Combining sophistication with affordability and ranging from smart work to weekend wear with a fashionable edge, Fiorelli handbags are being touted as the new accessory.


Originating in 1980 and launched in the UK in 1988, Fiorelli achieved high-fashion status after being taken over by the Lunan Group in 1995. By 2004 a brand re-launch had positioned Fiorelli as one of the most recognized brands in the UK. A key supplier to all major department stores and independent retailers in the UK, Fiorelli has established a firm reputation for being both innovative and on-trend with a focus on fashionable, commercial and practical products.


The core Fiorelli collection is defined as the aspirational range; appealing to fashion-conscious women between the ages of 25 and 40. The range is positioned at the premium end of the business, offering an extensive range of beautifully designed handbag shapes with clear, branded hardware. The Fiorelli collection is founded on trust and consistency; with handbags that are stylish and fashionable featuring recognizable hardware, lining and interior detailing. The styles are luxurious and expressive and are sought after for their perfect balance of fashion and sophistication. or every occasion.